The helicopter is actually the best available mean for the transportation of external loads to problematic areas, lacking in infrastructure or inaccessible by roads. The helicopter is versatile, suitable to handling almost any kind of material within its technical and legal limits. The helicopter is a quick and smart solution when dealing with logistic problems with no need of installations on the ground. It is difficult to mention all the types of material so far transported by SWS’s hooks during its nearly 40 years history: the most requested missions are deliveries or collections of construction row material, tools, small size equipments for earthmoving, devices and installation, power generators, wood, prefabs, supplies to mountain shelters and… so much more!


The versatility of the helicopter in the construction sites expresses its potential in a range of missions wider than the transportation by cargo hook; the helicopter allows concrete shooting in remote and prohibitive locations with the highest level of precision, speed, simplicity and professionality and with no waist of material. The row material is prepared and loaded in the pick-up site and discharged directly from the helicopter with the support and supervision of land operators curing its dosage and precision. Star Work Sky contributed on restoration and construction of private homes and industrial buildings; we shoot the foundations of dams, cable-ways, power lines and plants, telephonic equipment, Alpine shelters, devotionals sites and so on.


A well piloted rotorcraft is able not only to move, but also to assemble with centimetrical precision several types of pole, pylon, antenna, cell tower, equipment, ready to be immediately fixed to the ground while the aircraft is descending. These operations request highly skilled pilots and an effective coordination provided by the ground operator; for each mission, Star Work Sky provides staff with hundred hours of experience and a precise knowledge of the areas of activity.


SWS cooperates with leading companies in the installation of infrastructures for the power distribution in Italy. Among the several provided services, the line stringing is one of the most common in lowland as well as in mountain areas; the prompt operative efficacy of our helicopters allows covering in daily basis many kilometers of territory within the framework of planned installation, ordinary maintenance and extraordinary refurbishment due to natural disasters.


The Italian best companies in maintenance of the electric power distribution network take advantage of the SWS fleet also for monitoring the power lines for both systematic maintenances and extraordinary missions after natural calamities. While flying all over kilometers of line, special resolution cameras installed on the aircraft highlight anomalies or damages for the technicians to plan precisely targeted actions wherever necessary.


The helicopter is the unquestionable protagonist of the mountains and their consolidation.  Star Work Sky makes its fleet available for consolidation of dangerous rocky soils by nets stretching or installing barriers for the protection from avalanches.


The use of its fleet for agriculture purposes is the historical activity on which the company based its origin. The hydroseeding installation consists of a specific spray system with GPS, tank and dispensers for an extensive distribution of the substances on the overflew fields only wherever necessary. Star Work Sky is available also for spreading granular chemical fertilizers by dedicated buckets on demand of the local agriculture.


The tubular spray plants installed on the aircrafts are seasonally kept busy by local authorities, cooperatives and private land owners for spreading chemical substances and pesticides for agricultural purposes as well as for phytosanitary prevention over cultivated fields, woods and forests. This mission consists of very low quote flights to reduce the product waste and loss of efficacy. Typical examples are product spreading over vineyards in the Northern Italy, pesticides over cork plantations in Sardinia and mosquito disinfestations; the company executes as well bait shooting for veterinary purposes and for rodent control of whole islands.


The artificial induction of avalanches is a quite common procedure to preserve the safety of snowy slopes and its adjacent valleys. All the operations are coordinated and monitored with the authorities of public security. SWS is authorized to operate by two different technologies:

  1. by the Sniper Systems and their exclusive explosives SNP25 and SNP25A, very effective products with high security level and logistic practicality due to their characteristic of purely pyrotechnic products;
  2. by DaisyBell equipment, a remote-controlled bell carried by the helicopter exploding from the inside a hydrogen/oxygen gas mixture inducing the avalanche in the agreed place and moment.

Star Work Sky’s fleet is often engaged in continuous or occasional Civil Defense services within the framework of agreements with Local and Regional Authorities and in case of extraordinary natural calamities. The helicopter can reach isolated areas, rescue survivors, supply equipments and aid wherever requested, carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions.