STREVI (ITALY NW) – Headquarters and Main Base

The base in Strevi (North West of Italy) is the head office of the company since 2010. As main base for all the maintenance services on both company’s fleet and external aircrafts, the facilities have been projected according to the most modern criteria in terms of security of the work place, functionality, safety and comfort for the employees. The base is equipped with helipad for helicopter starts and landings certified also for non-instrumental night flights, as well as with spaces for hangaring and maintenance of several aircrafts at the same time, parking for car fleet, avionic workshop, storeroom for spare parts, classroom for training and updates, as well as a suitable complex of offices and relax rooms for the personnel.

Its easy-to-reach location accessible by the highway network in the North-West of Italy, makes SWS an important landmark for several companies and private helicopter owners choosing its services for the maintenance of their rotorcrafts. From the base in Strevi, the SWS fleet can carry out, with reasonable transfer costs, passenger transports between the airports of the Northern Italy, as well as aerial works in Piedmont and, above all, in Liguria where the company has established a leading position in helicopter services by cargo hook.

LAION (ITALY NE) – Secondary Base

The base in Laion-Pontives (Italy North-East) managed by Star Work Sky is the operative hub of the non-profit association Aiut Alpin Dolomites and the company Elikos. The facility is organized and equipped for the highest reactivity in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service requested by the emergency call centre 112 and includes rooms for pilots, technicians, medical and paramedical staff, hoist operators, rescuers and dog handlers. The HEMS activity is carried out by twin-engine helicopter Airbus EC135T3 in daily bases during winter and summer seasons: it is the first one in Italy authorized for night operations (NVIS Single Pilot). The base in Pontives is also the ideal gateway for panoramic flight and aerial works over the Dolomites, heli-ski activities, and shuttle links between Austrian and Northeastern Italian airports and spots.

ALGHERO (Sardinia, Italy) – Secondary Base

The base located in the San Marco industrial cluster in Alghero, few minutes distance from the International Airport “Riviera del Corallo” is the result of the historical and well established presence of SWS in the whole Sardinian territory started on 1986 with the first fire-fighting service for the Regional Government of Sardinia then developed from 2003 into a continuous and complete operativity. The base in Alghero, managed by Eliwind Sardinia, is equipped for a wide range of aerial activities all around the Island and is powered by helicopters suitable to VIP transportation and shuttle services linking airports and exclusive resorts in Sardinia, Corsica, Rome and other continental cities. During the summer season, SWS’s operations in Sardinia are extended to the whole territory for forestal fire-fighting missions and people transportation in Costa Smeralda.

AOSTA (Italy NW) – Secondary Base

The base in Aosta is managed in partnership with Heli Mont Blanc, a local company with keen knowledge of Valle d’Aosta Region and specialized in critical mountainous works such as material transports, supply of remote Alpine huts and glacier monitoring. Heli Mont Blanc offers also a wide range of services aimed to satisfy the local tourism (panoramic flights and heli-taxi) as well as the extreme-sport enthusiasts on the world famous ski resorts of the Aosta Valley.


Confident of the experience gained in the national scenario, the establishment of Star Work Sky in Greece is part of an international development project in a region with high potential and geographical similarities with the Italian landscape. From the base located nearby the International Airport of Athens, the company performs passenger transports to and from the most important islands and touristic resorts of the Greek tourism. Star Work Sky shares also the competence of its staff for the development of public constructions
and infostructures.


SWS operates also on the whole Ligurian territory with highest frequency in the area of Rapallo/Portofino (Genoa). The company is a well-established reality when it comes of services to the turism and the construction industry (public and private) in congested and geographically problematic places. Excellent knowledge of the territory, intensity of the activities and quality of the provided services are sensible factors for a concrete reduction of the costs of ferry flights and works execution for the benefit of the final users.