The partnership between the Non-Profit Organization Aiut Alpin Dolomites and Star Work Sky agreed on 2005, established a top quality platform specialized in mountain rescue and ambulance by helicopter. The operations are coordinated and supervised by the emergency service “112” of the Bolzano Province and executed by a modern helicopter Airbus EC135T3 equipped with 90 meters hoist for successfully carrying out missions in the most inaccessible places (such as rock walls and gorges), and with sophisticate equipment for seeking survivors after accidents of calamities.

The operative base in Laion/Pontives is reactive to any kind of emergency occurrable in the alpine environment; the standard crew for a HEMS flight is composed by hoist operator, anesthesiologist, intensive care doctor and heli-rescuers; during the winter season the crew includes also an operator with avalanche rescue dog. The HEMS service by Aiut Alpin Dolomites with the cooperation of SWS completes more than 700 missions per year in two shifts (winter and summer); furthermore, since 2017 it’s the first one in Italy authorized to night flights in NVIS single pilot configuration. Upon request, the helicopter can make secondary sanitary transportations between Italian and EU hospitals.